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Oxygen Scavenger Barrier —

an innovative non-laminated alternative to High Barrier EVOH products.

High Barrier Solutions

High barrier packaging solutions for a variety of chilled and frozen food, meat, poultry, fish, seafood and dairy.

SZP packages prevent gases, such as oxygen, from harming the packaged food significantly extending shelf-life. SZP Trays are suitable for use on automated packaging lines, containers and clamshells for fruit and vegetables, display stands, paint trays and paint tray liners.

Oxygen Scavenger Barrier is the newest addition to our high barrier product line.

Tamper Evident

Offering two innovative solutions to protect product integrity:

A two-part product. A unique solution for producing a tray and matching lid separately, thus allowing for a greater variety of production options. For example, a tray and its matching lid, can be manufactured from different colors, different thicknesses, different raw materials, and utilize different technologies such as thermoforming and PET injection.


One-piece clamshell products. This solution consists of re-closable, hinged containers with their two parts joined. Once the lid is sealed, the seal must be broken to open, creating tamper evident proof.

High Barrier
Tamper Evident Products
Cups & Lids

High quality round PET cups and lids

SZP thermoformed 117mm and 146mm cups and lids are ideal for chilled, fresh and dry foods. SZP works with customers to design the best product for their specific needs.

Cups and Lids
Baked Goods

Trays, lids and clamshells enhance display of baked goods.

Tailor made packaging solutions for a wide variety of baked goods, including cookies, cakes, crackers and other pastries. SZP custom containers offer customers an appealing, fresh display of their baked products.

Baked Goods

SZP extruders produce sheets primarily from PET and can also accommodate PS and PP. Sheets can be single layer, double layer or triple layer. Multi-layer sheets contain a virgin layer or layers for direct food contact and a layer of recycled material which does not come in direct contact with food. We offer sheets for food manufacturers using the FFS (Form Fill Seal) process and sheets that serve as raw material for thermoforming products manufacturers.


  • APET, APET/PE, APET//EVOH/PE, APET OSB from 200-1300 micron; sheet width up to 1400 mm

  • rPET and APET including A/B and A/B/A layers

  • PET/EVOH/PE for modified atmosphere products with a high barrier to gases

  • PET/PE products for heat sealed packaging with a film lid

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