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Mr. Michael Shmeltzer, CEO

Joined SZP. 2008

Education.  BA in Economics and Business Administration and an MBA from the Haifa University, Israel.


  • Extensive experience in upper management and marketing positions in industrial companies focused on international markets

  • Marketing director of Delta Galil, one of the biggest textile and clothes manufacturers in the world, and later as CEO of one of Delta's divisions 

  • CEO of BOSMAT, a global wet wipes manufacturer

Mr. David Fleischer, CTO

Joined SZP. 1992

Education. BSc from Technion Israel institute of Technology, specializing in polymer technology



  • Responsible for SZP's technical department, leading and developing the Company’s innovations

  • Over 20 years work and managerial experience in plastics extrusion processes, production and vacuum forming technology

  • Works closely with the leading food manufacturers in Israel

Mr. Adnan Aslan, Product Development Manager

Joined SZP. 1984



  • 33 years in various positions at SZP, among them serving as production manager and thermoformed plastic products design and development

  • Works closely with the leading food manufacturers in Israel

Mr. Ron Zalicha, Operations Manager

Joined SZP. 2017

Education. BA in Statistics and General Studies from the University of Haifa; real-time software engineering at Ashrot College



  • Over 20 years of experience in overall management of operations, employees and technologies

  • Extensive experience implementing operational excellence

  • At SZP responsible for production, planning, logistics, purchasing, warehouse, maintenance

Mrs. Tzipi Tamir, CFO

Joined SZP. 2012


Education. BA in Economics and Accounting from the University of Haifa, and an MBA in Business Administration and Accounting from Ono Academy; CPA licensed in Israel



  • Finance Manager at Toolgal Ltd, an industrial manufacturer of diamonds tools

  • Finance Manager at Klil Ltd, a leading company in aluminum products

Mrs. Sigal Shushan, Quality Manager

Joined SZP. 2016


Education. MBA in Public Administration and Internal Audit from the University of Haifa, Israel



  • Highly experienced in quality management and production development

  • Over 20 years at Osem-Nestle Israel leading positions in the quality assurance departments

  • Lab manager at Tivall IL including responsibility for cross organizational processes, project management and process optimization

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Experience at all stages of plastic food packaging production with a highly skilled and professional staff, enables SZP to find the best packaging solution for its customers in terms of type of material, package design, functionality and cost efficiencies.

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